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The company provides pipe trench and pipe fittings, in terms of after-sales service commitment solemnly asked the following:

First, the product quality Term:

1, the company grooved pipe and fittings warranty period of two decades, the rubber seal warranty period of 30 years. Product quality problems during the warranty period, by my company responsible.

2, the company's products implement lifelong maintenance beyond the warranty period for the pipe and pipe fittings, work attitude of our company will treat customers the warranty period, the costs incurred are carried at cost price to charge, charge not profitable.

Second, service content:

After the company received customer calls, ten minutes to the customer in the form of telephone answering, for to solve the project site, places the fastest speed to the scene to guide the installation.

Third, the service protection measures:

The company has a service department with full-time engineers responsible for this work.

Company to protect the interests of customers, the ad hoc complaints Tel: 13605363135