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Steel prices stable upward slowing
Steel prices stable upward slowing

Steel City this month of concern, in the end will not come to a major turning point? We first look at the latest situation.

Building materials continue to be strong

SCREW yesterday opened lower intraday coke, iron ore and other types of femoral artery, the higher the vibration, the whole disk is still above normal. Spot, followed by the Ching Ming holidays approaching, the mall is still needed before the holiday is expected to hold, in addition to the current mall stock continued to decline, steel shipments volunteer cheap price is not strong, traders reluctant to sell the mood is even more evident, femoral artery and quotes continue to be strong, but together with the business response to high turnover is not ideal. Or we will continue to need before the holiday release.

HRC consolidation operation

Yesterday some domestic hot rolled region rose slightly to maintain the trend, market turnover generally, but morning HRC futures opened lower, making the mall to wait and see mood darker. It is reported that the current listing of all inventory is not high, at a relatively normal level, while the downstream situation needs also improved from the previous month, the business mentality and thus a slight turn for the better.

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About the future mall, the highly anticipated hot rolling futures did not bring much turning point, perhaps "Silver Four" have to become dejected steel disjointed primary backing. But raw materials offer all weak, it is difficult to form hot rolled unilateral rising prices.

Steel prices steady upward slowing

Although the current terminal needs to reflect the transaction and also, but to follow the current high-priced resources transactions blocked, so that the current spot price continued to pull up the power has been weakened, but fortunately the current cost of steel support is still strong side, it is estimated today mainstream trend will continuation of the steady upward adjustment, but the upward trend will be weakened, especially in the River plate stabilize operation.

SOUTH rain pause

Today, China is only part of the southwest region of small to moderate rain, Guangdong and other regions have suffered a pre-storm climate of confusion significant improvement in the local steel market turnover or some improvement, but starting tomorrow, these areas will once again face the storm, continue on local needs recovery is more unlucky.