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Steel City, Hubei briefing this week
Steel City, Hubei briefing this week

  With Prudential Steel Casting Co., Ltd. Weifang market has been concerned about the latest developments.

Detailed opinion from the type of building materials this week, local wire, plate, screw goods less price stability offer the performance, rebar tired and fell 30-40 yuan / ton. Because the business mentality disappointed cautious majority, and thus to ensure the shipment, which corresponds to the transaction price is relatively low. Ping River this week deals with steel, cold steel, Ma Changjiang, Fortune and other capital-based, offer bargain compared to other mills capital undulating, thus larger shipments. By volume in 1400-1600 tons / day, were less in the 300-800 tons / day. Capital this week, the mall 12mm, 28-32mm standard more goods less price very, quotes Egang its second-tier capital has widened to 130-150 yuan / ton spread, the spread of second-tier and third-tier capital is maintained at 120 -150 yuan / ton range. According to business show, the total capital is now second-line pressure is generally contrary three lines representing miscellaneous capital, thus appear larger proportion of the total amount, which makes the spread between different mills changed. All the opinion, estimate next week to offer local building materials based consolidation operation, down or limited.

Hubei mall this week steel price remained weak fall situation, detailed rebar, wire rod, hot rolled coil, plate has been quoted fall; cold rolled coils, H-shaped steel price remained unchanged. Details Online Φ6.5mmHPB300 high line and Φ20mmHRB400 rebar average price was 3355 yuan / ton and 3220 yuan / ton, compared with last week tired quotes wire fell 10 yuan / ton, compared with last week tired rebar fell 30 yuan / tons; standard & Poor's 14-20mm plate River plate in the average price of 3430 yuan / ton, compared with last week fell 10 yuan / ton; 1.0mm and 3.0mm cold hot rolled coil average price of 3840 yuan / ton and 3340 yuan / ton, compared with last week, hot rolled coil offer dropped by 10 yuan / ton, cold rolled coils offer last week and offer equal; 300mm * 300mm * 10mm * 15mm average price of 3,300 yuan / ton, last week quoted the same.

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Plate this week, local hot rolled coil offer was down 10 yuan / ton, being tired and fell flat offer 60 yuan / ton. We need to keep the entire week the mall downturn trend, stock business shipments at a relatively cheap price and can still reach 300-600 tons / day, and businesses on the one hand the goods less limited shipments, on the other hand offer relatively high capital . This gives mall high spreads cheap maintained at 20-40 yuan / ton, while the circulation of capital places Wuhan Steel, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel and other main treasure, no other Angang arrival, the new steel is fundamental to the direct supply main mall circulation less. It is understood that, because some mills are ordering high cost, and therefore lower order businesses will, but the capital remained normal distribution to the mall. In the absence of mind to pull up the situation, it estimates next week, hot rolled coil offer local or temporary correction operation based.

Plate this week, Wuhan mall plate disadvantaged maintenance of stability, compared with last week's quote was down 10 yuan / ton, shipment status Qianan malls, large shipments even simply about 100-150 tons, it is normal shipments 60%, mainly shopping centers offer low running. Current Wuhan stores and shopping centers spread north simply has recovered to normal, traders mentality gradually beginning to stabilize. Mall stock rose all week, Han Ye capital tray capital began to gradually arrive in May, but because of more lax mall Han Ye capital stock traders did not rise quickly, shopping malls offer little effect, traders are holding steady the mentality goods based. In summary opinion, Wuhan next week will continue to offer the mall plate weak consolidation operation.

Cold-rolled, cold rolling this week, Wuhan mall more steady-based, some traders shipped out for the sake of stability kicked upstairs, but the gradual reduction bargaining space, the current mall offer has dropped to 3840 yuan / ton in the country's 22 one of the leading cities in the most fundamental cheap price. Business reflects the current constraints of the primary cold rolling mall is still needed downstream, lower turnover from the previous week, last week has improved, stock traders began to gradually decrease. It seems the current agreement amounts Wuhan mall traders gradually began to arrive, the delivery pressure to increase again, it is estimated in the inventory situation continued to add, Wuhan cold rolled coils mall will offer continuing weakness in the main operation.