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Cohesion pipe indispensable material
Cohesion pipe indispensable material

Cohesion in the water supply pipe in the pipe trench work is an indispensable material. His many benefits, only high-quality pipe trench in order to avoid water seepage appears good, so the choice is very important.

1, hand percussion Groove Tube products on the surface to see the pipe toughness, if the surface force percussion tube outer wall fittings have a small degree of unevenness and deformation of the pipe as a whole does not break, which proves pipe toughness also, the performance is very good.

2, thread length and galvanized degrees observation pipe, poor general quality of pipe thread short, a good pipe to prevent the pipe rotten in the pipe surface with good layer of galvanized, galvanized before machining the threads after heating galvanized, after conducting thread processing, and poor pipe thread machining is performed first in galvanizing or other coatings to replace such a low cost but ineffective anti-corrosion, rust after pipeline installation, impact water quality.

3, look at the weight of the pipe trench, shoddy products produced Groove Tube outer diameter becomes smaller, the degree of wall thickness and size length will vary, the overall lighter weight, by weight, determined that we can ditch groove tube quality is good.

More than a few ways that people in later times, the easiest method to identify the quality, of course, professional knowledge through the line detection, to buy time, we must buy a good factory production qualification, not freeloaders, not buy good product, affect the results.


We want to produce high-quality Groove Tube products, in addition to our strict control on the production process, but also strict compliance with national standards of production, control the quality of products.
For the production process point is that the choice of raw materials, to use high-quality casting materials, production of high-quality material to choose, so that products ,, in appearance and quality, can be more perfect.
Buy Groove Tube products, please continue to focus on our company, with Cheng Casting Co., Ltd. Weifang look forward to working with you.