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Groove Tube Industry sailing
Groove Tube Industry sailing

  Do not let the policy has been introduced into a "day trip", focusing on fulfillment, monitoring and improvement. In recent years, the State Council issued a plurality of continuous coal steel industry, particularly with regard to the coal industry to carry out the file, change of career, mall construction, total control, structural adjustment, economic restructuring, production safety, reduce the company responsible, strengthen self-discipline career, standard government action for the overall arrangement.

Groove Tube clamp adapter skills, also known as the convergence of skills, time has become liquid, gas pipeline convergence devaluation skills, although this time the development of skills in the country later than abroad, but because of the advanced nature of their skills, quickly domestic mall accepted. Beginning in 1998, research and development, through the development and use of a few years, has gradually replaced the traditional two - pipe flanges and welding methods. Not only on skills more sophisticated, shopping malls are also recognized throughout, and has been active in guiding national regulations approach.

To show the "invisible hand" effect, it is to reduce the company responsible, establish a perfect exit mechanism. To adhere to the guidelines of the mall, the mall decisive effect with the full performance of resources, mobilization of workers overall activity, creativity and a sense of responsibility, all equipped with the system to optimize resources, optimizing factors of production equipment. At the same time, to strengthen the vocational charge gathering tidy monitoring, allow the company to get rid of some non-mall of the shoulder, and as soon as possible to establish research of survival of the fittest mall exit mechanism.

In addition, the major coal-producing provinces and local governments have also introduced a series of mitigation coal company responsible, the company can continue to promote the policy measures undertaken. However, reporters found that out after a lot of policy, does not fulfill the real down, there is no reasonable stalking and regulation, so the effect is not good.

To speed up the upgrading of the company, and constantly improve the technological level and innovation capability, vigorously carry out the cleaning power. First, the company wants to use with advantage, increase efforts to promote the development and use of goods, adjust the product structure and business model. Second, the company should pay attention to apply the concept, business model and operational forms of innovation, such as coal steel jobs are all changing concepts necessary to further extend the industrial chain, to carry coal oil, coal gas, and other modern coal chemical industry in accordance with relevant guidelines steel coal chemical industry. Third, active energy conservation, building green companies.

The new line will start the implementation of environmental laws, local air pollution control action plan and the implementation details, the introduction of continuous assessment methods, the company's social responsibility to implement the shackles significantly enhanced the company should stand driving force to promote the production and consumption of strategic innovation, vigorously carry out clean power and coal chemical engineering profession, in order to seize the high point of the competition in the future.

Keep up with the trend of the year, the performance of financial mall effect active operations in the form of innovation and business forms. Renmin University of China Chongyang Financial Research Institute executive vice president Wang had previously shown that the relationship between finance and the real economy is like water and cement, as long as both moderate allocation, in order to have a better quality of concrete, built this magnificent building the national economy.

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