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Groove Tube improve profitability
Groove Tube improve profitability

  Groove Tube convergence of skills from the beginning of 1998, research and development, through the development and use of a few years, has gradually replaced the two traditional methods adapter flange and pipe welding. Not only on skills more sophisticated, shopping malls are also recognized throughout, and has been actively guide national regulations approach.

To August 31, 33 listed steel prices have been published semi-annual report ended. According to Wind data show the calculation, 33 steel enterprises total operating income of 645.125 billion yuan, compared to 670.249 billion yuan the previous year; in terms of net profit, 33 steel enterprises total net profit of 2.108 billion yuan, a year earlier to 3.731 billion yuan, a decline of these two data were 3.75% and 43.5%.

Groove Tube clamp adapter skills, also known as the convergence of skills, has became liquid, gas pipeline convergence devaluation skills, although this time the development of skills in the country later than abroad, but because of the advanced nature of their skills, soon to be home mall received.

Companies lose money aspect, 33 steel enterprises in the completion of a surplus of 23, net loss for the 10 steel enterprises, a loss of 30% to reach the surface, this 10 steel enterprises total net loss of 4.707 billion yuan, the most serious is the loss Chongqing Iron & steel, a loss amount reach 945 million yuan.

In addition, the level of earnings this year, steel prices better than the previous year, mainly because the material is still ore and steel billet price down more than speed caused. However, the current occupation in profit among all steel, steel prices in various degree occupation operator presentation exploded representation has been gradually increased; and increasingly difficult livelihood in professional format, after the transformation, optimized production products, the competitiveness of the progress of its shopping malls in order for the two to live to a higher level of earnings from space.

Domestic steel demand this year than last year, almost all the same, but the offer of steel products over the same period the previous year showed a substantial drop to reach 8.5%, and thus, the case presented 33 steel enterprises operating income and net reductions.

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