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Steel pipe trench is conducive to the economic rebound in prices
Steel pipe trench is conducive to the economic rebound in prices

  August China's economic growth, lack of motivation, investment growth rate to fall, steady growth in consumption and exports continued to pick up, given the weak global economic recovery, future trade prospects still cautious. Industrial-scale power generation over the month fell 2.2 percent, the first time this year monthly electricity negative growth, the government is facing to take more aggressive stimulus pressure. However, in the case of economic slowdown, before August 31 cities survey unemployment rate remained at about 5%. 3 - After the reform of industry and commerce registration system in August, new market players registered nationwide rose 15.75%. Currently, more attention by the government to accelerate decentralization, fiscal and taxation system, financial reform, to improve the quality of economic growth, stimulate the vitality of the market, to achieve sustainable growth.

Industrial production growth rate dropped significantly, prices for 30 months of negative growth

August CPI rose 2%, the highest since the four-month low, which hikes by 0.4 percentage points in July, the main factor driving down the CPI increase, prices continue to remain low. In the same month PPI fell 1.2%, a decline of 0.3 percent expansion the previous month, for 30 months of negative growth. Among them, the mining industry and raw material industry expanded year on year decline, the refined oil, coal, steel, cement prices are still in a downward trend, a major drag on growth in the PPI display industrial supply and demand situation is still not optimistic.

August China's manufacturing PMI index 51.1%, down 0.6 percentage points from the previous month. Sub-index, the production index, new orders index, new export orders index declined, but still in expansionary territory, while the finished goods inventory index rebound, manufacturing slowdown in demand, to increase pressure on the stock, steel, etc. purchase of raw materials is still cautious.