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Groove Tube Supply and Demand Analysis
Groove Tube Supply and Demand Analysis

  Groove Tube is a new steel pipe connections, also called clamp connections, has many advantages. A tube connected to only a few minutes, the maximum simplifies the technical difficulty of field operations, save time, thus stabilizing the quality of the project and improve work efficiency. This is also the installation of the overall direction of technology development.

Yesterday's major cities pipe prices continue weak market consolidation, with the end of the meeting, the North basic steel production complex, increasing the shipping market operations; from the understanding of the market situation, the atmosphere is not warm traded yesterday, traders shipments still small, weak mentality; plus the cost of support have weaker trend, postpartum and steel complex, predictable supply pressure will increase market confidence is clearly insufficient.

After the meeting, the North steel market will accelerate the pace of the south, which is the market price for the South, the pressure is not only the absolute power. On the whole, the macro data was weak, unstable market confidence, while the off-season in-depth, difficult to demand improved business operations will increase shipments, the market remain under pressure, tomorrow steel market prices continue to run slightly shock.

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China's major cities 108 * 4.5 seamless average price 3470 yuan / ton, up down 5; wherein the highest bid for the Guangzhou market, now 108 * 4.5 seamless pipe prices 3950 yuan / ton; compared with the lowest quote for the Tianjin market is now seamless pipe prices are 3250 yuan / ton. China's major cities 1.5 inch pipe * 3.25 average price of 3158 yuan / ton, up 3 down; the highest major cities welded pipe market price is the market in Chengdu, the current market value of 3400 yuan / ton, steady; the lowest offer for the Tangshan market, now pipe price is 2910 yuan / ton, up down 20.

Statistics continue to publish a series of macro data in October, in which above-scale industrial added value, fixed asset investment in private real estate development and investment growth still has a slight fall, the larger economic pressures, growth in demand difficult; but at the same time 10 China's crude steel production in July fell below the daily average of 2.2 million tons, which is also to be expected, after all, less working days in October, and the second half by the impact of the forthcoming APEC meeting, limited production cut situation increased, resulting in total decrease; however, Although the decline, but the supply pressure on the market complex postpartum is still not a small polyethylene.