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Terms and Conditions of pipe trench
Terms and Conditions of pipe trench
       Piping engineering and pipe fittings during use common sense knowledge of pipes and pipe fittings. Groove Tube common standard: Fittings most common standard, there are four: GB12459-90 national standard seamless pipe fittings (seamless) GB / T13401-92 national standards weld pipe fittings (joints), ANSI B16.9 American standard pipe fittings standard (with seam or seamless) ANSI B16.11 socket and threaded fittings standard (ANSI) is sometimes also used the following criteria: HG514-87 Ministry of Chemical Industry petrochemical pipe fittings standard standard SHJ408-90 in JIS B2311 , JIS B2312, JIS B2316, the Japanese standard pipe fittings and so there is the German DIN standards.

Groove Tube knowledge: according to different steel by adding alloying elements varieties, we can simply be divided into three categories of steel: Stainless steel alloy is clear that changes when steel is sure to affect the performance of steel. changes, and for the fixed component is a certain kind of steel, such as 20 # steel, or 304L, when they are thermo mechanical processing, heat treatment, and its performance will vary. Based on whether the surface of the pipe with weld pipe fittings can be divided into seamless pipe fittings and pipe joints into two categories, GB12459-90 is seamless pipe fittings standard, GB / T13401-92 standard pipe joints is .HG514-87 Ministry of Chemical Industry standard fittings.

Packaging and printing knowledge fittings: Generally speaking, the pipe trench is generally used to pack cartons, wrapped inside the non-woven fabrics. Outside carton corresponding pipe type and quantity.